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HEGAZA Wood Handicraft
Hegaza Village is 20 km far from AL Uxor city & it is well known for the craft of wooden products. It originates 20 years ago, when a French Priest started to teach the people woodwork crafting. Hegaza wood products varies between the Pharaonic, Coptic, & Islamic styles.

The spark of creativity was there since the beginning of civilization. The immortality of wooden handicrafts attributed to their power to captivate people. An inspiring range of products are available from timeless creations. Which includes Decoratives, Candle Accessories, Table Accessories, and other varieties of unique masterpieces. They have remained for their ability to transform homes into absolute places of beauty.

A wide range of aesthetically appealing items function as decorative pieces & help in enhancing the overall look of the room. The artisans of Hegaza are known for their skilled artistry to create the handicraft decoratives. Which have no match in terms of quality, designs and look. Because of being crafted by hand, no product of our collection is similar to others. Our range provides the users wide options to embellish their décor from different angels.

Available in a wide range of designer collection, furniture pieces are a must have for any setting, be it both interior & external décor. Apart form bringing beauty & class to the forefront, it even imparts a particular personality to the décor. Our products are known for their beautiful carvings. Fine detailing & supreme quality work. Carved from durable wood, our collection offers comfort, simplicity and originality at the same time

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